Monthly Parking

Parking Agreement & Authorization Agreement
Please fill out the form and e-mail to, or fax to (716) 847-6296 as soon as possible to assure your parking spot.

PLEASE NOTE – It is your responsibility to update your current license plate with Pay2Park prior to parking the vehicle on the premises. All unregistered vehicles are required to pay the daily rate for parking or subject vehicle to boot and/or tow at vehicle owner’s sole risk and expense.

Cancellation Policy
The parking agreement will remain in effect and shall renew automatically unless terminated by either party. To cancel, you must notify Pay 2 Park in writing at least one full month prior to cancellation date. For example, if you would like to terminate the agreement beginning November 1st, we will need to receive written notice before October 1st. If the cancellation notice is not received by Pay 2 Park by the 1st day prior to the cancellation month, the termination will be in effect the next calendar month.

Written cancellation notice can be faxed to 716-847-6296 or mailed to Pay2Park, 257 Franklin Street, Suite 300, Buffalo NY 14202 or emailed to

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