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Did you receive a parking notice? You may pay on-line with the button below. Please have your notice or license plate number handy. If you have questions about your notice, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions below to see if your question has been answered before contacting us for assistance.
Frequently Asked Questions
I bought a receipt from the machine.

When a customer buys a receipt from the dispenser, it must be displayed clearly on the dash, face up. A notice will be issued if:

  • A patroller inspects the dash of the vehicle and cannot see a valid receipt
  • The receipt displayed cannot be read in order to verify its validity
  • The receipt has expired
  • There is an insufficient number of receipts to pay the posted rate

The “Particulars” section on your notice will explain why a notice was issued.

We may reduce a notice amount as a one-time courtesy if the validity of your receipt can be verified by a Customer Service Representative (CSR), even if the receipt was not displayed as required.

I didn't see the sign; I didn't know the rules; I assumed it was free parking for the store; in the evening; on the weekend; without an attendant etc...

All of our locations have signs clearly indicating what is required to obtain permission to park. Many of our signs even include explanations in different languages, in accordance with the facility location and patronage.

The parking customer must accept the responsibility of reading the terms and conditions before leaving their vehicle on private property. Notice amounts are not reduced or cancelled in these situations.

I should only have to pay the posted parking rates.

If someone parks at one of our facilities without permission, but as a consequence only has to pay the posted hourly rate for the amount of time they parked, then there would be no incentive to pay for parking in the first place.

Furthermore, we would never recover our costs for patrolling lots and issuing notices. As explained above, the terms and conditions of your contract with us (including the fees) are posted on our lot signs and the amount owing to Pay2Park is a collectible debt.

I was only a few minutes late.

When pre-paying for parking, it may be difficult to return to your vehicle before your time expires. But as with any street meter, if your time has expired then the parking conditions have been violated.

Although the notice may have been issued only minutes after the meter ticket expired, that is not necessarily the time that the customer returned to the vehicle nor the time that the vehicle was driven off the lot to make way for a paying customer.

In these situations we will not cancel a notice but we may accept a reduced payment as a one-time courtesy, depending on how long the receipt has been expired and the other circumstances surrounding the expiry.

I have a Monthly Parking Agreement.

It is the responsibility of monthly parkers to update your current license plate with Pay2Park prior to parking the vehicle on the premises. All unregistered vehicles are required to pay the daily rate for parking or subject vehicle to boot and/or tow at vehicle owner’s sole risk and expense.

As a one-time courtesy, we may reduce a notice if the validity of the pass can be verified by a CSR.

The app / my phone wasn't working.

It is the parker’s responsibility to pay for parking prior to leaving a vehicle on the premises. There is no free parking at any time. If you are unable to pay for parking in any way, your vehicle is not authorized to park in the lot. Please choose a different payment method, if one exists at your location, or remove vehicle from the lot immediately.

Why are your notices so expensive?

The amount charged on our notices is a genuine estimate of a portion of our costs for:

  • Patrolling lots
  • Enforcing our parking regulations
  • Preliminary collection activities

We must pay for the employees and equipment (including vehicles, gas, uniforms, and computers) needed to:

  • Patrol lots
  • Issue notices
  • Follow up on unpaid notices

As mentioned, the amount charged on a notice is reduced if paid within a specified time period.

If it is not paid promptly, we must incur additional collection costs. For example, each charges a fee to search licence plate information.

There are also increased administration costs such as postage, invoices, production and staff time. In most cases, our amounts are comparable to the fines imposed by municipalities for by-law infractions. Remember that city-owned parking lots and street parking meters (and their employees and administration costs) are funded and maintained with tax dollars, and municipalities do not have to pay for access to vehicle records information.

We are a private company and do not receive any tax funding, yet we strive to provide the same if not greater standards of enforcement service.

Why don't you just tow vehicles?

Towing can be very costly and inconvenient for the vehicle owner. We reserve the right to tow any vehicle parked without permission but generally resort to doing so primarily for:

  • Overdue notices
  • Parking in a reserved stall
  • Blocking another vehicle
  • Parking in a disabled stall without displaying a valid disabled pass
  • Parking in a hazardous way

As an alternative to towing, our notices allow us to be flexible when the situation requires it.

What will happen if I don't pay a notice?

If the debt owed to us is not paid, the matter will be referred to a collection agency. If your vehicle is again parked on one of our lots without a valid receipt or pass, it may be towed.

We also reserve the right to:

  • Sue you in court for the unpaid debt
  • Take any other legal action to which we are entitled
How did you get my name and address and what do you do with this information?

Pay parking operators adhering to appropriate confidentiality standards are entitled to paid access to vehicle ownership records.

Our access agreement permits us, based on licence plates, to obtain basic information on vehicle owners, including:

  • Name
  • Address

This arrangement is permitted by the applicable freedom of information and personal privacy laws in your state of residence.

The personal information obtained is:

  • Strictly controlled
  • Accessible only by certain trained and approved employees of Pay2Park

The information may only be used for the specific purposes of:

  • Following up on outstanding notices
  • Initiating a lawsuit (if necessary)

We do not provide this information to any third parties other than US Postal (for mailing purposes) and certain debt collection agencies. These collection agencies are held to strict confidentiality standards outlined in debt collection legislation.

Pay2Park‘s compliance with the usage, security and confidentiality provisions of our access agreements with the provinces is periodically audited by the applicable regulatory authorities.

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